History of company

30 years of history

Experience gained over the years

POSTO Enterprise means over three decades of experience built on the basis of family, Polish tradition.
We gradually transformed our proud beginnings in the area of ​​maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers into the installation of security systems and, ultimately, industrial electrical and automation installations.

Their execution and supervision allowed for development, which resulted in the trust of contractors and long-term contracts.
We know how important specialists are, which is why in our organization we always rely on the best people in the industry – this has built and continues to build
stable company. Partnership cooperation inside and outside the organization enabled POSTO Enterprise to develop rapidly after 2000, when Poland was opening up to foreign markets. Many years of contracts with world industry leaders and our flexibility to market needs allowed us to overcome the crisis and the pandemic. At POSTO Enterprise, we take corporate social responsibility very seriously.

For our organization, it is not only about social campaigns, charity events and collections. Our priority is also: employment ethics, constant development of employees and professionalism and quality of implemented projects.