Design work

Design services

Comprehensive installation design

We provide our business partners with not only security resulting from the quality we offer, but what is extremely important – we guarantee trouble-free cooperation at every stage of cooperation. Dealing with us and our processes are quick and clear


Designs for strong LV/MV currents

We do:

Power supply


Energy distribution


We take care of all aspects and details of the project. We carry out design work including the selection of appropriate equipment and protection – all supported by specialists’ calculations. We supervise commissioning at all stages of implementation, from design to commissioning.


Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation

We do:

control cabinets

control systems


documentation of wiring connections

hook-up documentation

We carry out AKPIA projects – including control from cabinets to actuators, measurement including drawings of cable trays and routes, documentation of control and measurement cabling connections, assembly documentation, connections, cabinets and field boxes – electrical side, low currents (on special request also possible hook-up documentation for the measurement part, after separate agreement) – along with the selection of equipment.