Installation work

Assembly Services

Comprehensive assembly

Thanks to our qualified specialists, you can be sure that the installation will run smoothly and in accordance with the highest standards.

We are ready to meet all your expectations.


Prefabrication of switchboards and cabinets

We prefabricate:


System cabinets

Control cabinets

Object boxes

We prefabricate electrical switchboards and control cabinets based on the documentation we created or provided and in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. Additionally, we pay special attention to correct assembly methods, using our experience in the implementation of industrial, energy and other investments.


Other assembly works

We perform any other electrical and mechanical assembly work for I&C equipment, including welding of impulse tubes (range of measuring stubs to the valve manifolds of transmitters + I&C activation and the power/control part for drives.


On-site assembly

wE DO:

installation of cabinets and switchboards with cabling

connections on the cabinet and facility side

i/o checkout

site inspections with supervision and commissioning

We pay attention to the entire process of creating the installation – from design, through supervision of commissioning at all stages of implementation, to commissioning and operation. A number of specialists ensure the safety and reliability of the tasks entrusted to us, which results in years of proper and failure-free operation of the installation.