We guarantee safety and responsibility

Execution of electrical installations

We do:

installation of electrical switchboards

basic power supply installation

lightning protection and earthing installation

installation of cable routes

installation of internal and external lighting

laying cables and earth pipes

three-phase power installations

alarm installations and facility monitoring (Intruder alarm systems, CCTV)

access control installations

video intercom and telephone installations

ICT installations

coordination and supervision of works on the facility

performing control and reception measurements

creating as-built documentation

In terms of design:

  • designs of built-in and free-standing transformer and distribution stations in overhead versions and in GIS technology,
  • designs of network switchboards located in the EC/EL area, primary and secondary circuits
  • designs of MV and LV cable lines, interior and exterior lighting and open areas:
    • squares
    • parking lots
    • roads
  • designs of telecommunications and low-current installations: fire alarm signaling, SAP systems
  • control of ventilation and air conditioning systems during a fire, control of SO smoke extraction,
  • control of fire extinguishing devices, sound warning system, audible warning system, CCTV and access control systems, telephone and ICT network systems,
  • preparation of a complete I&C documentation (lists of devices, datasheets, connection diagrams (cabinets, panels, junction boxes), circuit diagrams, cable lists and routes, hook-up diagrams),
  • preparation of EX documentation,
  • participation in FAT acceptance inspections,
  • coordination of work and documentation of suppliers/sub-suppliers,
  • site supervision of documentation and installation